Trade Fair, Pragati Maidan Delhi | India International Trade Fair – IITF, organized at Pragati Maidan, Delhi every year in November.

Trade Fair Delhi

Trade Fair is always organised in Pragati Maidan, Delhi with record breaking number of visitors. Millions of people visit this outstanding fair in Delhi.

Trade Fair Delhi

The Trade Fair Delhi is organised from 14th November – 27th November every year. First five days have opening only for VIPs and later for general public. This event is organised by India Trade Promotion Organization (an agency of Government of India). This is one of the main attractions for tourists also. The number of visitors at IITF increases every year which breaks all the previous records.

Trade Fair Delhi provides a common platform for the exporters, importers, traders and manufacturers. A large variety and wide range of products are found in this fair ranging from toys to automobile products. The products that you can find here are garments, kitchen and home appliances, food and beverages, health care products, body care products, jute textiles, home furnishings, furniture, designer and decorative products, telecommunication, sports items, artistic products, engineering goods, toys, home decoration items, cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, shoes, fashion accessories and all the famous items of different states of India.

India International Trade Fair

IITF for Foreign Tourists and Traders

Approximately 3 million general visitors, 2,50,000+ business visitors (including 91 delegations from 53 countries), near about 41,000 domestic business visitors and around 65 foreign traders participate in Trade Fair Delhi like: Afghanistan, Costa Rica, France, Angola, Bangladesh, Australia, Mexico, Germany, Iran, Hong Kong, Nepal, China, Iran, Ghana, Indonesia, Oman, Canada, Lesotho, Brunei, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Thailand, Japan etc.

Last time’s India International Trade Fair was the most popular one of all times (November 14-17, 2015). This was also organised in Pragati Maidan, Delhi and the theme of this fair was “Make in India”. There is always a large scope for industries here. Be it major or minor, all industries take advantage of this platform for their Business expansion.

Exhibition in Pragati Maidan

There are large halls which display different states and countries based on their theme and specialties. These are categorized with the numbering on them. The general public gets to know about the specialties of the different states. Each state’s stall has its own theme and selling their famous products. Like famous suits and shawls of Jammu, coconut oil of Kerala, Designer chairs of Odisha and Jodhpuri juttis, sandals and jewelries from Rajasthan. You get to know the beauty facts, nature and specialties of other states. All the halls of the states are decorated beautifully. One can easily get the information about the particular states by visiting their halls. These decorated halls really look very amazing. They all attract the visitors in such a way that no one can get out of their stalls without making any purchases. Products are so designer, creative, reliable and trustworthy that visitors can’t resist without shopping here. Also one gets to know about the culture, languages, songs and dances of other states.

Shopping at India International Trade Fair


There is a large variety of handmade crafts and products for sale. The embroideries, arts and crafts work are so technical, creative, unimaginable, amazing and mind blowing to touch your senses. This creativity can be found in these handmade items: Paintings, Jeweler, Bouquet, purse, bags, chairs, tables, Kurtis, Clothing and fashion accessories like shoes, sandals, earrings, bangles, bracelet etc.

Pure and natural edibles items can also be shopped from here like: Honey, Oil, Spices, Ghee, Elaichi, Dry fruits and much more. And these are really pure as these are brought at this place directly by the manufacturers or traders. Just like coconut oil from Kerala is found here, similarly the famous products of other states are also sold in Trade Fair Delhi. 

From Machine appliances and home appliances to Beauty appliances and Gym machines of numerous kinds are available in the India International Trade Fair (IITF).

Indian International Trade Fair is organised with complete preparations and facilities. All the food and beverages are genuine here, the toilets are clean and hygienic. Also there are complete arrangements to save the visitors from winters. Pragati Maidan is spread over a large area which makes it easy to track on wide roads inside. There are sign boards at every 100m step of multiple of stalls or halls that are available in IITF. There are all conveniences available for people like small gardens, benches for sitting, fountains, toilets, edibles, water and almost every regular facility.

The IITF (India International Trade Fair) is found to be entertaining for the people of all ages. There would hardly be any other Trade Fair like IITF at any other place. One who visits this once, always wants to come again. This clearly depicts the popularity of Trade Fair Delhi among the people.

In this way, IITF encourages the small and poor states of the country. There is no such platform right now in India other than Trade Fair Delhi. So, a large number of people always wait eagerly for this fair every year.

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