The festival of Holi will be celebrated at various places in India on the 12th and 13th of March. The ‘Holika Dahan’ will take place on 12th, while the celebration with colours will take place on Monday, 13th. This year Delhi Police has warned the people of Delhi that in case any complaint is lodged against someone for applying colours on strangers or pedestrians, especially women without their permission, the Delhi Police will take strict actions against them.
“Holi revelers will be dealt with under the law, if we receive any complaint,” said special commissioner Dependra Pathak.

Why this decision has been taken?

In the last few years, Delhi has seen a large number of violent incidents among people for forcefully applying colours on each other leading to huge clashes. To avoid such incidents this year, the Delhi Police has taken this step. Also Holi will be celebrated after the results of five state elections will be out and that too can lead to heat among people. Therefore, the Delhi Police has deployed special teams to search for and take care of people who may cause trouble in the city. Many people are seen to get involved in violent fights on the roads causing traffic issues when they are drunk.
The steps taken to increase security at the time of Holi has also been increased because two men were arrested for smuggling counterfeit liquor into the city just a few days ago. Also two heavily armed men, said to be associated with some terrorist groups were arrested on Friday.

What steps have been taken by the Delhi Police?

Delhi Police has made sure that a good number of teams are deployed to avoid any conflicts among people. Especially those areas are strictly checked where people belonging to different religions stay, especially Hindu and Muslims. They are also keeping strong watch in areas where history of riots due to similar reasons had come up in the past.
A intelligence report suggests that women in universities, colleges and other educational institutes may be harassed by people using Holi as an excuse. Therefore precautions must be taken by the Delhi Police to prevent such an incident. The Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik has ordered DCPs of all districts to deploy security officers in all the major colleges and universities where such incident may take place.

Steps taken by the Traffic Police

During Holi, when a lot of people are known for drinking and driving and the incidents of traffic rules being broken become common, the traffic police of the capital city has made sure that no such violators go without being punished. Around 50 patrol teams have been deployed who will look for defaulters on bikes and challan them for violating any traffic rule like drunken driving, over speeding, zigzag driving, red light jumping etc.
Such violators will be strictly punished or challaned and can also be booked under sections of Indian Penal Codes.

Metro Services unavailable till 2:30 pm

On the occasion of Holi, the metro rail services will be suspended till 02:30 in the afternoon, after which the metro will work as usual. The metro feeder buses will also be unavailable for the complete day.

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