DELHI is famous for a number of things like food, hangout places, culture, tourism and guys.. Yes guys, there are things that make you so obnoxious and while you think that they compel us towards you, fix that. Many things are a repellent. Every now and then, you’d find a Delhite female fuming over the male species. Not all guys are like below, there are some stereo-types. Here is a list of only some of the most irritating habits that gets on our nerves and a small suggestion as to how to fix them. (Psst, guys, its for your own good):

The ‘tu jaanta nahi mera baap kon hai!”

tu janta nahii mera baap kon hYes, we don’t know who your father is and no, we do not want to know. And despite some of those who do know, what will they even do? Guys use this dialogue for every fight they get into. Its used on teachers, friends (yes..), frenimies, girlfriends and even policemen. All you have to do is drive a big white car or a sexy sedan, keep your shoes polished and you become the addressor of this line or even “the baap”.
Keep your socks on man, this line won’t send chills down our spine anymore. We are so used to it now, hearing it at every crook of this town, now that some even challenge to do the same act (the one they had done to hear this awful dialogue) in front of the father.

BIZZARE car/bike stickers.

BIZZARE car/bike stickers

‘if wanna suicide, take over me’ or ‘ agar mein hut oh sirf xyz (girl’s name) ka hu’ nad the best ‘daddy’s gift’. I mean like please, we understand that you want some super slogans for your car but that doesn’t have to be dope. These stickers scrunches our face. We don’t like it even as a whole society.
Remove those stickers and get something mild or nothing at all. A huge “dangerous” tattoo isn’t needed on the car.

YO-YO fanlist

YO-YO fanlist

‘iss chashme ko hataado, ankho ko mila lo’ .. yadda yadda yadda. These are songs. Yes, these are hit songs but why to play them ALWAYS? We understand you are Yo-Yo worshippers, we can dance to his tunes once in a while but when it is played everywhere in loud speakers or even used as a pick-up line, we get sick. Sick to the guts. It doesn’t matter where you are – the mall, the shop, clubs or even outside the mandir (the song is playing in the shop right next to the mandir), you can hear one of it blasting!

Fitness Freaks

fitness freaks

Guys with a tight body, sexy physique and a charming face do light us up. But our eyes hurt when you post it everyday online. Other than that, you can see the guys hanging right outside the gym, drinking their “protein” and just yapping about their workout regime whilst wearing weird clothes. The gym goers in delhi have risen from 0 to 100+. We love the gym, we love to keep fit but we hate it when guys cheekishly show off.

The Kaala-Chashma

kala chasma

Sunglasses- as defined by the person who invented them, it is used for keeping ou safe from the dust, pollution and the UV rays from the sun. Wearing it in the metro is acceptable, in the mall – its fine, but why do they wear it inside the nightclub? Whats the use? You want to show off that you’re cool bro, do it outside.


the slanges

Slang is the acronym for Short Language. It was invented by adults for when they are in a rush. While texting (even a stranger or a customer on OLX, how do you want us to picture you when you say “mdm, ktne m sell krge aap?” ok, after reading this twice, we understand, but we, from the core of our hearts, do not feel like answering to it at all. It feels weird and throws us off our mo-ho.

The (un)-cool lingo

the uncool lingoTalking about the slangs reminded us that the comments of the guys on any female photo on facebook is filled with the cool lingo (*sarcasm). If a girl is beautiful or pretty, then why not say it? Why mix it upp with ‘bomb’, ‘patola’ or ‘saaaxxxieee’. What does all that mean?
And the best of all, some guys confuse the spelling of ‘Angle’ (the mathematical one) with ‘Angel’. Check your spellings and the way you say things man.

Fake Market

fake market

Even us, girls, like to get bargained goods. We jump in joy. We scream. But we do not exaggerate it. It’s cool when we buy a fake Puma shoe but when your whole outfit is tagged with Upma, Addiddas or Jokay, it turns into a laugh. It makes us feel that you are way too cheap. The rich brats will always show off the right things and those who cannot afford such high-prices will go off to get the lame low ones. Brands don’t impress us, your intelligence does.

Abusive terms

abusive langThere is this joke that if the abusive words weren’t invented, then 90% of the Delhites Guys would become Blood Pressure patients. In every sentence you would hear ‘bc,mc,dc,*****’ n-number of terms. When you’re angry, that’s different, but why use it in every sentence or expression. The sound of these words just cringes our bodies. We feel so urgggghh. Try changing that and think instead of Hanuman ji when you’re about to use them.

Attitude King

attitude king

Even Anil Kapoor just ‘feels’ on top of the world in D3. He doesn’t claim that he is the/at the top of the world. There is a fine line of difference between the two called attitude. The attitude in Delhi-Guys are so high that it churns your stomach. Peeing on the walls, sitting on the metro seats reserved for the elderly etc. All these do not impress us. Your life is yours but ours is ours, not yours. You do not get to manipulate us

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