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Purana QilaPurana Qila is known to be one of the oldest forts of Delhi. It is most popularly known as Old fort or Pandavon ka Kila. It was built by Sher Shah Suri. However, it was not built completely till his death. So, it was then completed by Islam Shah (son of Sher Shah Suri). The Fort is no doubt a perfect picnic spot. Many Indian and Foreign tourists visit to see its beauty. The Fort is constructed with great mughal art work. Purana Quila offers many fun options such as boating, light and sound show, family picnic, archeological museum and perfect place for photography. The fort and gardens are well maintained. The public convenience is also very hygienic. Millions of tourists visit this place. Located near Pragati Maidan, Old Fort is known as the best picnic spot in Delhi. There is no chance to get bored here. This is the perfect place for anyone. As it is tourist spot, picnic spot, best hangout place with friends, couple hangout place and best for photography. It is considered as one of the best places in Delhi sightseeing.

Fun Things to do in Purana Qila

Purana Kila is a precious historical monument. Besides the perfect family picnic spot, it is also a couple hangout place, friends hangout place. There are also multiple of fun things that anyone can enjoy such as light and sound show, boating and visiting Archaeological Museum.Purana Qila light and sound show

Purana qila light and sound show

There is Multimedia sound and light show at Purana Quila every evening except Friday. There are two shows every evening. Their timings are :

Month Hindi English
February to April 7pm to 8pm 8:30pm to 9:30pm
May to August 7:30pm to 8:30pm 9pm to 10pm
September to October 7pm to 8pm 8:30pm to 9:30pm
November to January 6pm to 7pm 7:30pm to 8:30pm

It is closed on Friday.

Entry charges are :

Rs. 100 for adults

Rs. 50 for children (3 to 12 years)/ students / physically challenged/ senior citizens.

Enjoy BoatingPurana Qila boating

Boating at Fort Entrance is one of the best fun things if you are hanging out with your friends. This is also an enjoyable fun activity for the couples. You can visit any day for boating at Old Fort.

Purana Qila Boating Timings

Boating timings at Purana Qila are
12:00 pm to 7:00 pm – 1st April to 30th Sept.
11:00 am to 6:00 pm – 1st October to 31st March

Visit the Archaeological Museum

If you are sort of person who is interested in history and old historical tools, statues, tiles and old utensils etc., Archaeological Museum at Old Fort is for you.Archaeological Museum in Old Fort

Archaeological Museum Timings

10:00 am to 5:00 pm – Daily except friday.
Museum is closed on Friday.
Entry Fee of Museum is Rs.5 for the Indians and Rs.100 for the Foreign Nationals.
Entry for the Children below the age of 15 years is free.
Fee for Videography is Rs.25 separately.

History of Purana Qila


Purana Qila is popularly known as Old Fort or Pandavon-ka Kila. The Purana Kila stands on anthill which may possibly point the site of the town of Indraprastha of the Mahabharata. The standing barricades and other buildings were however built by Sher Shah Suri (A.D. 1538-45). After demolishing and remodelling Dinpanah a city was founded here by Humayun in about A.D. 1533 when he returned from Persia in A.D. 1555. Humayun lived here till he was dead. He got some portions repaired and reconstructed. Purana Kila is irregularly oval on plan with fortress on corners. Its principal gateways are on the North West and South. They are armed with Chhatris. They are known as Talaqi- Bara and Humayun Darwazas. There are also other existing buildings inside it. They are Sher Shah’s Mosque and a tower known as Sher Mandal originally a moat surrounded barricades. This was connected on the eastern side with the Yamuna river.

Bada Darwazabada-darwaza

This western entrance is the main barricading to the way of fortress. It was built by Humayun. It is a triple storey structure of height 20 metres. On either side of it are barriers which along with the curtain wall, have arrow/gun aperture. Kangaroos would have run along the top of the entire wall. But now they have disappeared except at the top of one of the fortress. The surface of the gate is decorated with inlay patterns of sandstone and marbles. There is also some stone carving and tile work.

Sher Mandal

This is the double storeyed octagonal structure of red sandstone. This is relieved by strips of marble which is known as Sher Mandal. Sher Shah Suri built it in about A.D.154 recessed arches mark its each side in the centre on second storey. This chamber has angle on sides. The interior is decorated with glazed tiles and adhesive work with geometric patterns.
Possibly raised by Sher Shah as a pleasure resort. It is said that the pavillion was used by Humayun as his library. He died in A.D. 1556 after a fatal fall from its steps.sher-mandal

The name of this double-storeyed building tells that it was built by Sher Shah as a pleasure resort. But it’s styling has parallels in descriptions and images of early Mughal pavilions. The external diameter of the octagonal  structure is 16 metres and height from the base to the top of the parapet is 13.5 metres. The lower storey is very solid with stairs leading to the upper storey. There is a small chamber at the centre of the upper storey. And at the top of the building is a domed chhatri. Humayun used this building as a library. On January 20,1556 he was on this building’s roof when he heard the call to prayer. In hurry to descend, he fell down from the stairs and was severely injured. He then died after three days.

Humayun Darwaza

humayun-darwazaIt is called Humayun Darwaza but is attributed to Sher Shah also. As a fading inscription in ink which was found on a room of the upper storey. There are two entrances to the building. The lower one opened at the level of the water in the trench. While the upper entrance would have been approached by a hill across the moat. There is decoration on Humayun Darwaza which include inlay work and carving in sandstone, marble and tile work.

Purana Qila history in hindi

Purana Qila history in hindi

Purana Qila nearest metro station

The nearest metro station to Purana Kila is Pragati Maidan.


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