The death of a staff member of All India Institute of Medical Sciences lead to a fight between doctors of two divisions of the hospital, thus affecting the services badly. Many resident doctors of the hospital were off duty on Thursday and were on a strike over an unimportant issue.

Most of the doctors are on strike for protesting against the administration who has taken a decision to dismiss one of the residents of the anaesthesia division of the hospital and is against the other doctors who were involved in the treatment of the nurse of the same hospital, Rajbir Kaur. She was admitted in January 16th for a normal delivery but died on February 4th, causing an argument between the doctors of the two divisions.
“The inquiry committee has wrongly held resident doctors responsible for the death. It was essentially caused by lack of infrastructure,” said General Secretary of AIIMS Resident Association, Dr. Harjit Singh Bhatti.

According to the doctors off duty, if the decision by the administration is not taken back, the doctors will be on strike from Friday. As per both the departments, the main reason behind the death of the nurse was the lack of proper infrastructure and blaming a doctor for the same is not correct. The anaesthesia department complains that the administration is doing wrong by blaming a doctor of their department.

Usually 10 to 20 surgeries are carried out on a particular day in the gynaecology department, but it was reported on Thursday that the number of surgeries carried out did not even reach 10. A committee was set up to investigate the death of Rajbir Kaur and finding the true reasons behind the death.

Rajbir Kaur was admitted in AIIMS on January 16 for delivery of her child. Next day a surgery was needed as her condition grew bad. It is believed that an anaesthesiologist was missing from the scene during a caesarean section operation. Anaesthesia was performed by an inexperienced junior. Rajbir Kaur had a cardiac arrest and was in coma for around three weeks.

Due to this argument, the operation theatres in the gynaecology division have been not in use. This has caused a lot of problems for patients who have come here for treatment from all over the country. The services are affected so badly that only the emergency cases are being taken care of and the other patients are asked to wait.

“We have asked both the gynaecology and anaesthesia divisions to amicably solve the matter so that patients do not have to suffer,” said V Srinivas, AIIMS’ deputy director.

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