National Zoological Park is indeed heaven for animal lovers. There is no doubt that zoos are one of the most favourite places for kids, but elders too like to visit zoos for natural beauty and watching interesting animals.

Location: Mathura Road, Sundar Nagar, New Delhi
Timings: 09:00 am to 04:30 pm(1st April to 15th October)
09:00 am to 04:00 pm(16th October to 31st March)
Closed on Friday and on national holidays
Nearest Metro Station: Pragati Maidan on Blue Line
Nearest Bus Stand: Delhi Public School

The National Zoological Park is a place that kids and adults visit with the same level of excitement. National Zoological Park is known for the variety of animals and birds that it houses in its premises.

When and how was it established?

In 1952, the Indian Board of Wildlife felt that there is a need of constructing and developing a zoo in Delhi. Indian Board of Wildlife created a committee and organised a meeting in 1952 for the same idea. It was decided that the central government will take the responsibility of developing a zoo and once the construction is complete, the zoo will be handed over to Delhi government in running condition. The responsibility to take care of everything was given to Mr. N.D. Bachkheti who was an Indian forester on October 1st, 1955. In order to draw the plans of the zoo, Carl Hagenbeck of the Zoological Garden of Hamburg was hired. The plan presented by Carl Hagenbeck was modified as per the requirements and the amended plan was then finalised.
Though its development idea had come up in 1952, the construction and development work finished in 1959. The zoo was inaugurated in November, 1959 by the Honourable Minister of the Government of India, Punjab Rao Deshmukh. The zoo was earlier named ‘Delhi zoo’, but was changed to ‘National Zoological Park’ in 1982.

What is special about the park?

The National Zoological Park is spread over a huge area of 176 acres and houses a large number of animals and birds. In total it consists of around 1350 animals and 130 birds species. It is made sure by them that the place where animals live is very similar to the natural habitat of the animals. The zoo houses many animals of endangered species too. The current director of the zoo is Mr. Amitabh Agnihotri.
National Zoological Park is a part of the conservation breeding scheme of the Central Zoo Authority for animals. There are different sections for all the species like animals, birds, reptiles etc.
It is not allowed to carry any eatables inside the premises of the zoo, but there is a canteen inside the premises so that if you are hungry, you can have something to eat there. You can carry a water bottle though.

Why should you visit the place?

If you are visiting Delhi, the National Zoological Park is a must-visit. The zoo is located very close to the old fort, which is another great tourist attraction. The National Zoological Park is a perfect place to visit if you are a nature and animal lover. The place also provides facility of battery operated vehicles at low prices so that people can use them if they are not interested in going through the zoo on foot.

A trip to Delhi is incomplete if you do not visit the National Zoological Park. With huge variety of animals, birds and other species, the zoo offers great entertainment to both kids and adults.

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