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Lodi GardensLodhi Garden is one of the best places to spend some time with your loved ones. Lush greenery makes this place very refreshing. The garden is very well maintained by gardeners and guards. They keep the environment clean and tidy. Guards and police keeps an eye on every movement that someone does not try to ruin the beauty of garden and forts. There are edibles outside the garden that make your outing the best. Also, there is Lodi Restaurant which is very outstanding for its food and ambience. One who visits this place, surely enjoys a lot out of it.

Lodi Gardens

Awesome, exquisite, perfect picnic spot, brilliant tourist place are the only words that come out from mouth when you see the beauty of Lodi Gardens. The beauty of gardens and the tombs inside is really adorable. The tourists who visit this place are really amazed. They don’t forget this place wherever they go. Even the foreigner tourists mention its beauty everywhere.

Lodhi GardensLodhi GardensLodhi Gardens

What to see in Lodhi Garden

What you will get to see in the Lodhi Garden are the tombs, Athpula- the lake, sheesh gumbad, mosque and obviously the green side of Delhi. Couples spending some good time inside, kids playing with family can be seen inside. The famous mughal art is worth seeing inside the tombs. The greenery is outstanding as the park is highly maintained.
During the Lodi Period, Tombs were raised in two styles- square and octagonal. Bada gumbad and shish gumbad to its north are examples of the square type while two other tombs in the Lodi Gardens represent the octagonal type.

Tomb of Muhammad Shah
It was the first tomb to be built in the Lodhi Garden in 1444. The Tomb of Muhammad Shah was built by Ala-ud-din Alam Shah. It is said to be the last tomb of Sayyid dynasty. This beautiful structure was built as a tribute of Mohammed Shah. It is a type of octagonal tomb.
Bada Gumbad
Bada Gumbad is a type of square tomb. It has very unique features such as painted ornamentation, red stone, grey surface. The tomb is double-storeyed. The mosque is adjoined to it. And the space in front of the mosque was used as guesthouse for pilgrims. The interior of the tomb is designed with red stone, arches and brackets are decorated with painted ornamentation.
There was an unknown grave which was buried in Bada Gumbad. But the thoughts are that he must have played an important role in the reign of Sikander Lodi.
Bara Gumbad Mosque
Bara Gumbad Mosque is on the adjoining of Bada Gumbad. This is a three domed mosque built during the reign of Sikander Lodi. The hall of mosque has five arched openings. There is chhajja in the front. The mosque has the touch of early mughal period as well as later period. The combined features of Mughal and Tughlaq can be felt watching Bada Gumbad Mosque. There is a big hall in front of Mosque which was used as Guest house. It is decorated very nicely. The paintings of flora and geometrical designs can be seen inside.
Sheesh Gumbad
Sheesh Gumbad is an example of square tomb. This pattern is followed by Bada Gumbad too. It was built during the reign of Sikander Lodi. The name “Sheesh Gumbad” comes from the blue enameled tiles which could be found.
Now only the remains of blue tiles can be seen. Originally, the top half of the exterior was covered with them. It is a double storeyed structure. There is mosque on the western wall. And on the other sides is the opening for entrance.
There is artwork of arches, brackets and lintel beams. And the features of both Hindu and Islamic architecture. The decoration inside is adorable. It is decorated with stucco, ornamentation and floral designs.

lodhi garden

There are few unknown graves buried in the 10 sq. metres chamber. It is said that this was the tomb of Bahlol Lodi (first Lodi Sultan).
Tomb of Sikander Lodi
The tomb of Sikander Lodi is little away from other tombs. It is enclosed with the boundaries. And there is garden inside the boundary which surrounds the tomb. There are two chhatris on the front side of the tomb. And the remains of blue tiles can also be seen. There is mosque inside. It is an octagonal tomb. This is decorated with tiles, paintings and incised plaster ceiling.
Sikandar Lodi was the second ruler of the Lodi dynasty who ruled from 1489 to 1517.
Athpula was built during the reign of Akbar. This was the bridge over lake. It was built to span a stream which went through there. The name “Athpula” is derived from the word ath. Ath means eight and here eight is referred to the eight piers that are supporting seven arches of the bridge.
Athpula is the bridge placed across the stream or lake. It is curve shaped. And there are mughal gardens nearby. It has a very beautiful look in the garden.
The lake is very beautiful inside Lodhi Garden which brings a shine to its beauty. Couples hang out near the lake around which is the nursery and park. Everything is so well maintained nearby that makes it exquisite place.


Lodi The Garden restaurant

Lodhi Garden Restaurant is just outside the Lodhi Garden. This is a classy restaurant where you will get to spend the best time. Amazing ambience, classy and the open sitting arrangements make it one of the best restaurants in Delhi.  Food is delicious which makes it worth visiting.


Lodhi Garden timings

The timings of Lodhi garden differ in summer and winters.
April to September- 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.
October to March- 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Lodhi Garden location

Lodhi Road is the Lodhi garden location. It is located on the road which is just in front of Safdarjung Tomb

Lodhi Garden nearest metro station

The nearest metro station to Lodhi Garden is Jor Bagh Metro Station which lies on the Yellow line of Metro.

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