Indraprastha Park is a perfect place to relax with your family and loved ones and one of the best getaway option for people of Delhi who want to escape their busy schedule for sometime. Delhi is one of the most populated city of India and most of the people here don’t have much time for their families or even for themselves. In such a busy schedule it is important that people take a break from this hustle and bustle of their work. A beautiful park can be an escape from such a schedule where you can relax, forgetting about the tensions of the work.

Location: Sarai Kale Khan, New Delhi – 110013
Nearest Metro Station: Indraprastha Metro Station on Blue Line
Nearest Bus Stand: Sarai Kale Khan Bus Stand
Entry Timings: 08:00 am to 08:00 pm, open all days of the week

When was Indraprastha Park built?

Indraprastha park is one of the longest parks in Delhi built by Delhi Development Authority in 2004 located at the Outer Ring Road in the east of Delhi. It is also called the IP Park or the Millennium Park.

What is the main attraction feature of IP Park?

Vishwa Shanti Stupa

The park is not famous just for its beauty and greenery(containing a lots of flowers and rows of trees), but also because of the World Peace Stupa which is a dome shaped temple present inside the park, as a symbol of peace. It was built in 2007 and inaugurated in presence of many religious and famous personalities like the 14th Dalai Lama, monks and nuns of Nipponzan Myohoji etc. This structure was made to promote peace in India. Many Buddhist monks are seen wearing ceremonial orange and yellow clothes paying respect to the Stupa.

What are the other beautiful features in IP Park?

  • The IP park also has children’s park with a number of slides, rides and swings for the children to play, five restaurants with proper and organized seating arrangements, a big food court, and a open air theater to organize many cultural events within the park.
  • The park also contains water pools, fountains, clipped and trimmed bushes in beautiful shapes which increase the beauty of the park. The park is also equipped with lovely lighting which adds attraction and beauty to the park in the evening.
  • The park has proper car parkings at all the entrances so that there is less commotion in people who visit the place in a car. Also the park has the facility of drinking water and clean paid toilets for all the visitors.

Why should you visit IP Park?

Indraprastha park is a good and a relaxing place for hangouts, picnics with family for friends etc. Children love this place because of the children’s park where they can enjoy all the rides. It is also considered a lover’s’ spot because of so many couples who visit the garden. Many people also visit the park in the morning and evening for walking, jogging, doing yoga and other exercises.

If you are tired of the busy schedule you have in your life, it is a good option to visit this park and relax.

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