Many guest teachers had been working on a contractual basis for getting increment in their salary, but no strict implementation was done by the government even after the guest teachers were assured by them a lot of times.

Protest by the teachers

The Delhi government had organised an event in December, 2016 at Chhatrasal Stadium in Model Town. this was conducted in order to promote and motivate them to perform better, but the teachers were so agitated as they found out that no step has been taken for the increment in their salary yet. Instead of coming to the event, they blocked the Ring Road leading to Chhatrasal Stadium and protested against the government to press their demands of increment in their salary.
A guest teacher had stated that the government keeps making announcements for them but no implementation had taken place.

Approval for hike in salary of guest teachers

Delhi government had announced that all the teachers will get up to 70% to 80% hike in their salaries. Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia announced that the proposal of hike in salary of guest teachers that was cleared by the cabinet has been cleared and approved by the lieutenant Governor, Anil Baijal on Thursday.
“Approximately, there will be a hike of 70 to 80 per cent for everyone. The move would benefit 17,000 teachers,” the minister added.
A notification for the same is supposed to be issues within a day or two after which the teachers will be getting their revised salaries. Around 17,000 guest teachers will be benefited after this notification is issued.

Revised salary of the teachers

After the notification is issued, there will be around 45% to 100% increment in the guest teacher salaries. Post graduate teachers, trained graduate teachers and assistant teachers working as a guest teacher are going to be affected by this decision. All teachers – CTET or non-CTET(Central Teacher Eligibility test) have been covered in this decision. Though it is said that CTET test must be given by all teachers as soon as possible.
The revised salary of a post graduate teacher is increased to 34,000 from 21,000. The salary of a trained graduate teacher will be 33,000, which is only 18,000 now. An assistant teacher who got only 16,000 or 18,000 as salary will now receive 32,000.

Other issues faced by guest teachers

After the decision was announced, Mr. Sisodia met a group of guest teachers outside the Delhi Secretariat and informed then about the approval. The guest teachers are happy about the salary hikes, but are facing other issues like parity in salary, leaves etc and they said that they will fight for all of this including getting a permanent status.
“There are various other issues of the guest teachers of which salary has been gone of the major issue. Now the guest teachers will get a dignified life and salary which is essential for quality of education”, said the Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia.

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