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Friendship Day

Friendship Day is on 7th August, 2016.

Friendship Day

Finally, the Friendship day has arrived and it’s time for some quick discussions on how to make this day the best day of your life. First of all happy friendship day to all. Now don’t waste time thinking, make your mind quickly and try one of these ideas to make this friendship day a fantastic one.

Friends are the best part of life and our life’s half of the time goes with them. Friends always stand with you whatever the situation may be.

“A friend in need is friend indeed”

What to do on this Friendship Day

On this special occasion, spend time with your best friends and make them realize that they are the best part of your life. These are the best options for celebrating this friendship day with your best buddy:

What to do on this Friendship Day

  • Organize a party

You may organize a party on friendship day theme anywhere in the club, lounge or at home. Invite your friends and party hard.

“Friends are the family we choose for ourselves”

  • Try new friendship flavours from Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury just introduced two friendship flavors – Honey nut crunch and Coffee almond to put sweetness in your friendship. Give your taste buds a sweet taste.

“Friends are God’s gifts”

  • Gift something special to your best friend

Customized t-shirts, mug, wallet or a friendship diary are the best gifts for the day. Bunch of flowers or customized mug is the best gift to a female friend.

“Friends are flower in the garden of life”

  • Forgive a friend

There may be some soreness with your best friend recently or a long time misunderstanding. Then this is the best time to forgive and improve your relations.

“True Friendship never ends, friends are forever”

  • Contact one of your friend you have not talked for a long time

There maybe a friend or couples which were the closest and now due to busy schedule you may not be able to contact them. Just give them a call or meet them.

“True Friendship is hard to find”

  • A friendship bracelet

A friendship bracelet is the old gifting item but still remains one of the best gifting ideas.

“A friendship band for special bond”

  • Dedicate a song to your friend on FM radio

Give a ring to FM channel and make a request to dedicate a good song to your friend this friendship day.

“Good Friends are like stars”

  • Watch movie

Watching movie with full arrangements at home or you may go out for a movie on this friendship day.

“Ye dosti hum nahi todenge..”

  • Go out and make memories

Don’t stop making memories, move outside for a long drive or attend any friendship day parties in the town. This will be a good experience for this friendship day.

“Life is better with friends”

  • Gift him/her sweet past memories

The memories that you have made last year, it is the best time to use them. Make a diary with your photos, some quotes and appreciating your friend.

“Having a best friend is like feeling blessed”

  • Party this Friendship day

There are many hot trending parties going on in the town with friendship day theme. Go and join any of them for that fantastic environment.

“Friends buy you a lunch, best friends eat your lunch”

  • Go for a picnic

You can opt for a short tour or picnic to nearby place, play games, make some adventurous moments. Here are some of the best places from which you can choose. Best Picnic spots in Delhi

“Friendship doubles your joys and divides your sorrows”

  • Go to watch Olympics live screening in Delhi

There are many places in Delhi where there are live screenings for Olympic games. Go there and enjoy the olympics with the energetic crowd. Here, you can track nearest Olympics games live screening in Delhi.

“Friendship never dies”

Happy Friendship Day

Happy Friendship Day !!


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