After the demonetization, people have been facing a lot of issues in cash withdrawals from ATM machines since November, 2016. In such a situation, another frustrating and strange incident have come into notice from New Delhi. A State Bank of India ATM in Sangam Vihar had dispensed fake Rs. 2000 on February 6, 2017.
A youth named Rohit Kumar who is working with a call center as a customer care executive had gone to withdraw an amount of Rs. 8000 from the SBI ATM machine at Sangam Vihar where he notices that the notes dispensed by the machine are fake.

The errors

The notes looked so similar to genuine notes that anyone could have passed them on in the market without even realizing that the notes were fake. The errors on the notes include printing mistakes like ‘Children Bank of India’ instead of ‘Reserve Bank of India’ and ‘Guaranteed by Children’s Government’ instead of ‘Guaranteed by Central Government’.
Rohit Kumar, the guy who faced the situation also noticed other big mistakes like the printed line ‘I promise to pay the bearer two thousand coupons’ and the serial numbers which included only zeros. It also contained logos and other information that cannot be present on genuine notes.
According to Rohit, the print of Rs. 2000 note was so similar to the real notes that if he had not noticed the bank name, he would have used them as real notes.

Confirmation by a sub inspector

The incident took place at around 07:45 pm in the evening on February 6th, 2017. Rohit had called and informed a friend about the incident who also confirmed that the notes were fake. He along with his friend had approached the local police to complain about the incident.
As no other customer had faced this issue, it was difficult for the police to believe such a story. A sub inspector was therefore sent to the place of incident to check if it was true.
The sub inspector withdrew a single note of Rs. 2000 and it was found to be fake. This proved that Rohit’s claim of fake notes was true.

After the confirmation of the incident, the police informed the senior officials and the bank about the situation. Meanwhile, a case of manufacturing documents resembling currency notes, cheating, using forged or counterfeit notes has been registered with the police under Indian Penal Code sections 489-b, 489-e and 420 and they have planned an investigation for the same. According to an SBI spokesperson the bank has also formed a team for the investigation of the incident.

At the time of cash crunch all over India, such situations add to the frustration that the people are already facing due to demonetization and difficulty in cash withdrawals. This incident can also be stated as a crucial security breach.
According to the claim of the Reserve Bank of India at the time of launching the new currency, the security features embedded in the new notes are not at all easy to be copied. Though such situations along with the incident of fake notes entering the country through Bangladesh border seems to prove the claims wrong.

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