As per the announcement made on Tuesday by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation(DMRC), the Delhi metro smart cards that were refundable till now, will become non refundable from the beginning of April this year.
DMRC had launched the smart cards for passengers who regularly travelled in Delhi metro and were given 10% discount on all their journeys. The use of smart cards also saved such passengers from standing in queues for tokens and saved their time.

What difference will take place after April 1?

Earlier when a commuter gave his smart card back to DMRC, he received the remaining balance in the card along with the security deposit after deducting a meagre processing fee of Rs. 20 from the card. The total security amount that is to be deposited for Delhi metro smart card is Rs. 50 and the person gets Rs. 30 after deducting a small amount from that. But now, if a commuter returns his smart card, he will get only Rs. 30, without getting any balance of the card.
The new cards that will be sold after April 1 will be non refundable and the existing cards will also be made non refundable. So no user will get any refund of remaining balance of metro smart cards, no matter for how long the person has been using his smart card.

Reason behind this step

People of Delhi are given a time slab from March 1 to March 31, within which they are allowed to get the refund of their security deposit plus the remaining balance in the card. After which no such request will be entertained by DMRC.
This step has been taken by DMRC as per the July 2016 guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India. Another reason why this step has been taken is that the DMRC along with Reserve Bank of India has decided to make the smart cards usable for other mode of transport like buses, Delhi metro feeder buses and even for parking lots. The DMRC has already been in talking terms with the Delhi Transport Corporation(DTC) and others regarding the same.
DMRC spokesman Anuj Dayal said, “In order to comply with the Reserve Bank of India directives and for making smart card inter operable, it has been decided that the cards shall be made non-refundable.”
So if you are interested in getting your smart cards refunded, you better get it done before March 31. Another thing needed to be brought into notice is that the recharge amount in the card will also be capped at Rs. 2000, which is only Rs. 1000 now. Other than these, other rules and regulations related to the cards will not be changed.

New Card Swiping Machines

Another step taken by DMRC is that it has awarded contracts for new card swiping machines. This is done after many complaints from the people regarding malfunctions of card swiping machines. After demonetization, people preferred to use digital mode of payment rather than cash and malfunctioning of card swiping machines in such situation caused a lot of frustration among the metro passengers.

All these steps are being taken by the DMRC to make things simpler for people travelling in Delhi.

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