Darya Khan Tomb South Delhi | INA, Kidwai Nagar-location, nearest metro station, entry charges | Darya Khan Lohani, unexplored historical place in Delhi

Darya Khan Tomb
The tomb is located in Kidwai Nagar East in South Delhi. It is believed that it is Darya Khan Lohani’s tomb who served most of the Lodi Kings in that era. It still remains one of the unexplored historical places in Delhi.

About Darya Khan Lohani

He was the chief justice. No one exactly has proved how the word Lohani suffixed to his name. He was believed to known for his merciless justice. However some people have different stories behind the tomb. No one exactly has the idea that which of two graves exactly belongs to Darya Khan as no marks are found yet.

Information About Darya Khan tomb

Darya Khan tomb is a not in good condition due to unawareness. The columns that support pavilions are in ruin condition. Three pavilions are no longer in good shape out of four. You may see people resting to get rid of scorching sun, kids playing in the compound and couples spending time there. You may also notice that the scribble on walls of it by couples have made it look uglier. It is clear that this tomb was not given any importance even with its connection to back 16th century. Over grown grass ,broken and ugly walls with casual life around it makes it less interesting place for tourist rather people use it like place to have rest, romance and play games not more than that. But the face is that we should not forget this tomb. Still it is a historical place that has something to tell. It should be given importance.

Darya Khan tomb   Darya Khan tomb


The exact location of Darya Khan tomb is  Block C, East Kidwai Nagar, Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi-110023. Darya Khan Tomb is surrounded by the posh area of Delhi known as South-Ex. But the tomb is a bit inside the local street which makes it unexplored.

Nearest Metro Station

The nearest Metro Station to Darya Khan Tomb is INA Metro station, which  lies on the yellow line. From metro station, it is within 500 metres walking distance.
There is no entry charge. Free entry

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